Fabrice Collette sur CNN

Un article (en anglais) sur le concert virtuel de Fabrice Collette à l’Italian Mood, un club de Second Life

Le texte complet est ici

“Last night I’ve been at the Italian Mood, one of the coolest venue in SL where it’s often possible to enjoy the best music performed inworld: there I attended the performance of Fabrice Crosby.

What I’ve seen is a new kind of show involving a virtual band and dancers for a visual and aesthetic musical event! Nice vibes at the club! Everyone liked that live performance of sound and dance, a true delight for both eyes and ears:I may assure you that it was comparable to the feeling we’re used to in an RL show!

Talking to him after the show I discovered that he is a professional independent musician with a deep and wide passion for music in many of its aspects: from jazz to electronic music, not to mention blues, pop and folk. He is also very curious about new culture emerging with the new technologies. Since he came to SL, he has been very creative to try new ways of promoting his music, trying to fit as close as possible the SL culture .

His brand new album, Rouge et Blues, is now ready and available : it contains twelve fascinating new songs, showing his very personal sound at its best, at the crossroads between jazz, blues, rock and the French song tradition. Some of the best French blues musicians joined Fabrice to record this album:you can also catch up with him on his web site http://www.fabricecollette.com!

As a “must” in his website it’s possible to see his video clip, exclusively based on SL Machinima, which is the first clip of that kind in Second Life: don’t miss it!

Submitted by Sandy Demina”