Last name : Collette
First name : Fabrice



He wrote his first songs at the age of 15, and sang them in public until the day when he caught a serious “breakdown of pen”, that it did not know yet that it would last the 25 following years. Nevertheless, during all this period, he has devoted to his main instrument: the guitar, with which he played all kinds of musics, from jazz to electronic musics, through the blues, the pop and the folk. He worked too with choreographers and actors for whom he has carried out several musical compositions.

Making his living as a professional musician until the age of 30, he was one day victim of the “syndrome of the true life which one lives in a true job” and then becomes successively data processing specialist, engineer, economist, consultant, corporate manager. With the turn of his 40’s, “the true life of true job” takes some distances from him… or him with it… At the same time, cured of its “breakdown of pen”, he starts again to write as simply as he had stopped. Since then he wrote about sixty songs which he regularly plays in concert.
His first album “Ballades de nulle part”, was recorded in public and in solo. It received a warm welcome from the press. His second album “rouge et blues” whas been recorded with some of the best french blues musicians, among whom Patrick Verbeke, M.Blues French himself.